Mouthfulology needs some volunteers for the upcoming Toontober 2020 special: Expected for a late November/early December release
Website may update soon after I get off my lazy ass to update my own damn website. -J.G

Mouthfulology is a multimedia anthology zine that's devoted to everything hobbyist-related of any profession, and to those who wanted to discover or recommend new things than what mainstream media had offered.

Inspired by mid-90s multimedia software, the zine offers a creative way to view online works without any internet loss. With the help of dozens of content creators, artists, writers and developers, I aim to make this experimental project to be as 100% independently and voluntarily developed with the most quality and care possible.

You won't be expecting any form of censorship or any politicized nonsense across any medium, because I believe that people have the right to express their freedom of creativity the way they intended to be.

No 'buts' or 'ifs' or whatever names that you throw in because they don't agree with you; the core message here is that Hobbies are always Hobbies, what else can you say about it?

Update: As of now, I'm currently working on the sneak peek volume of the magazine, centering on the art of Traditional Animation Discord's Toontober 2020.

If you have artwork that you wanted to see from this special or have any experience working on creating astecally-pleasing UIs, macromedia director programming or whatnots: we have email for it. It's possible that I might open a discord devoted to the development of Mouthfulology at some point.

Created by a man pen-named J.G.